The Day You Made My Life Colorful

The sheltered world of a wealthy, well-connected playboy collides with the dog-eat-dog world of a graceful and gorgeous single mom from scruffy Brooklyn in a post-segregation America. What could possibly go wrong?

All Mayla Aayana wanted was a better life and a fresh start with her daughter.
But she was stuck in Brooklyn and couldn’t get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend who took everything from her when she was a young, naive and starry-eyed young girl. The one good thing that came out of her involvement with Robert was her daughter, Ava.

So when she was invited by her friend to party in one of New York’s most exclusive nightclubs, Mayla decided to tag along, despite her misgivings. It was a chance to observe how the other side lived.
But she quickly got sick of the condescension and headed to the bar for a drink…
That’s when she met him.

She knew he was bad news from the moment their eyes met, but no matter how hard she tried to stop herself, she could only watch herself fall helplessly in love with this perfectly formed human.
Blond, tall, athletic, blessed with a megawatt smile, and heir to an empire, Noah Wittlebrock was every woman’s dream, and he unabashedly took advantage of his background and good looks to score with women, most of whom he’d have trouble remembering after a roll in the hay.

So when he saw the gorgeous, curvy, and delectable-looking black woman at the bar, he only saw a potential conquest and a new notch in his tally at first. As well as a break from his usual fare of Caucasian beauties.
But there was something about this woman that was irresistible and made him want to know her beyond a steamy night between the sheets. He was inexplicably pulled to this mysterious woman who made him feel things he’d never felt before.
Noah realized he’d fallen in head over heels in love with Mayla and her little daughter and wanted to create a new family with them, but Mayla had a terrible secret that could destroy their budding romance for good.
Also, Noah’s dad, the patriarch of the Wittlebrock empire would do anything to prevent that union, including disowning his son and renouncing his inheritance if it came to that.

How far were they willing to go for their love? Would they find a way to be together despite the odds against them?

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The Day You Made My Life Colorful is a wholesome, titillating standalone romance novel with memorable characters, an unputdownable plot, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after ending. If you’re a fan of clean BWWM romance novels, then you need to get your hands on this novel by Alisha Harper!