Lives Interrupted

She’s fighting for her family’s survival. He’s playing a dangerous game with their relationship… Rosa is desperate to make ends meet for her family. With her husband Matthew out of a job, she struggles to pay the mortgage and bills. As she’s pushed to the brink of hopelessness, her only option may take her down a dark path that could change her forever. Matthew doesn’t know where to turn. After concealing his depression and pain from his wife, he can barely cope with his new full-time responsibility of looking after their young son. But his despair drives him to risk everything when he starts an affair. With the couple’s commitment hanging by a thread, a London terrorist attack and a selfish decision unleash devastating tragedy. Can Rosa and Matthew ever recover from a betrayal that wrecks their lives? Lives Interrupted is a powerful contemporary drama that explores the far-reaching consequences of personal trauma. If you like flawed characters, family dramas and life-altering challenges, then you’ll love Shauna Bickley’s emotional rollercoaster.

Meet Shauna Bickley

Shauna writes ontemporary women’s fiction with strong, emotional stories that include family, friendship and love mixed with secrets and a little mystery. She also writes crime mysteries for people who love to work out the clues and discover the murderer before the answer is revealed in the final chapters. The locations for her books are based on many of the places she’s lived or visited, creating realistic settings from cities, small towns and coastal communities in England, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.