The Billionaire Touch

A new job in a new town was the fresh start Kate longed for. Except, she hadn’t counted on being homesick during the holidays. Or pining after her boss’s sexy, neat freak germaphobe of a best friend. Especially since no woman had ever gotten his attention. It only took spilling coffee all over his shirt for him to notice her. Fixing that mishap shouldn’t have been an issue, except for two problems. She had to keep her feelings in check and he liked strangers touching him as much as he liked a migraine. There was no way he’d make the first move, but she couldn’t let an opportunity like that go by. She loved a challenge and the reward of a night with him was more than worth the risk of rejection in this instalove romance novella.

Meet Robecca Austin

Robecca Austin is the author of happy ever after romance stories. She enjoys crafting tales of sassy heroines and alpha heroes that have a soft center. She writes historical romance and billionaire romance stories. You can find her outside enjoying nature and lots of sunshine when there are no bugs. When she’s not writing her next novel, she’s busy battling Cystic Fibrosis and hugging family. She lives and works in Canada.