| April 12, 2016


When best buddies Michael and Gabriel come across the scene of a car crash, they argue about pulling over to help. But when they see a shattered car, a bullet hole, and a man on the verge of death, they have no choice but to take him to hospital. A simple enough act, but neither of them could guess what would happen next…

Daniel Harris is a young attorney, and when Michael and Gabriel save him from the side of the road, his whole life changes. Who would want to kill him? And did it have anything to do with another attempted murder, on the same night but on the other side of town?

As the police conduct their investigation, the worlds of these three people get turned upside down, and when Michael and Gabriel are arrested on suspicion of both the murder across town and Daniel’s attempted murder, it’s clear that not everything is as it seems. Despite the potential danger, Daniel vows to find the real killer so he can free the men who saved his life.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Add in a whole host of evidence which points in several different, confusing directions, a wealthy yet enigmatic businessman, and a mysterious cult called ‘Angels’, and Daniel has more than enough to deal with. Risking life and limb, he must now wade through all of the evidence to get to the truth about the killer, and about his whole town.

Can Daniel get to the bottom of this strange, tangled web of lies? Can he convince the judge and jury of the real murderer’s motives? And, most importantly, can he do all of this before time runs out – both for his friends behind bars and for himself?

‘Angels’ takes a traditional whodunit murder mystery and adds in conspiracy theories and secret orders, along with a hearty dose of courtroom drama, to create something truly unique and intriguing. When your town is run by Angels, it’s hard to know which path leads to Heaven, and which path will take you to Hell.


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