Explore A New World Of Perspectives and Find your Alterperspective with these Reflections! Our perspectives are always handy. It’s our opinion about everything and everybody. Perspective originates from our thoughts working at subconscious level. If thoughts can have that much power to build our perspectives and guide our life, what shall be Alterperspective? Are we ready to go against the grain of our thoughts and perspective and walk that path? The author takes a serious look at the perspectives we take in our lives and how to change them for a better life. Alterperspective is a book about perspectives, it’s about how we see things and what that means for us. Alterperspective is a book that dives into the world of perspectives. The author, experienced a complete chaos in her life and from that point on she started to see things from different angles. This experience changed her inside and outside. Alterperspective is about finding peace in chaos after experiencing it first hand. Glimpses of myself and the world around me. I had never known such a thing as perspectives. But when my life was turned upside down, I took a glimpse into these perspectives. From one perspective to another; from what I believed to what I never knew to believe. Chaos started from outside and it has deeply changed me from inside with reflections that came from the peace after the chaos. The way, these reflections can truly touch you, connect with you, change you or to bring you to your Alterperspective which is the land of perspectives which you have not explored so far is only when, you can deeply meditate on these reflections. Go deeper with these reflections. Think with these reflections, Make them a part of your thoughts. It is only then, you will not need me or anyone else to share with you the Alterperspective. With every reflection, you will find yourself connecting with your alter-ego as you explore perspectives that you have not yet discovered. This is the land of perspectives that only exists when you deeply meditate on these reflections.

Meet Shefali Walia