The Imperial Connection (The Connection series)

| March 10, 2014


The Imperial Connection (The Connection series)

Recently retired Air Force Intel officer Mike Foley discovers the guy who took a bullet for him during the Gulf War is a homeless guy living in a small desert town. He leaves Chicago to find him. After arriving he finds a local, and very beautiful woman, who works with the homeless. With her help they locate “Homeless Rick.” To their surprise, the next morning he’s found drowned in one of the many irrigation canals.

As the suspense rises so does the love affair between Mike and Andy. They start nosing around and find Rick got mixed up in a large Chinese Mafia smuggling operation working out of Mexicali, Mexico. They are chased over sand dunes, through mountains and into Orange County, staying just one step ahead of death while trying to unravel the mystery. For help, Mike contacts his old buddies at the FBI and CIA and gets them involved. There’s hi-tech warfare, mystery and suspense, a love affair and crooked politicians who are involved in a payoff scheme.

The story takes place in California’s Imperial Valley where where there’s sand dunes, desert, Border Patrol, a major Naval Base and two of California’s largest prisons, all tucked together to make a perfect backdrop for this novel.


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