| March 10, 2014



Death to the Coypu!

People say Preston Hood should really have a word with himself; have several words, in fact. Aged 28, Preston has never entertained anything remotely risqué or adventurous, anything fun. But this mild-mannered, middle-manager has worked hard to be the person he is; Preston’s a man with responsibilities, providing for his wife and young family, setting his son on the right path and tutoring his daughter. He knows his place in decent society.

However, something sinister … someone thrilling is approaching from his past, a reunion that triggers a revolution in Preston … lost lunchtimes drinking with the Office Girls, hedonistic weekends clubbing with the Gay Casuals, a leaner, meaner manner that unlocks doors to unfamiliar worlds. Preston is breaking new frontiers and, as with the pioneers of old, a few innocents might have to die for him to advance civilisation.

But as reason is beaten into retreat and concealed demons wriggle free from their dark places Preston’s transformation is, ultimately, not quite the change everyone had hoped for …

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