Building your Dreams: A Journey of Riches

Do you have a dream that seems as distant today as it ever has? Can you never imagine a time when that dream will become reality? There is hope and it starts here, with this book! A Journey of Riches: Building your Dreams is a compilation of stories and strategies from 11 successful authors from around the world. With rich stories from spiritual life coaches, entrepreneurs, network marketing professionals, and many more. This short anthology of life experiences can help you clear your hurdles, provide an answer to you building a life beyond your imagination, achieve a deeper connection with yourself, and transform your life. We all face certain challenges in life as we negotiate our way towards our dreams and goals. Some may seem trivial, while others may look to be insurmountable at first glance. However, whatever you face on your personal journey, it is more than likely that someone else will have been there first. And, more than likely, they may have found the answer. In this book, A Journey of Riches: Building your Dreams this collaboration of fine authors impart their wisdom into the questions they were faced with and how they overcame them, in a way that will undoubtedly spark creativeness within your mind and perhaps reveal the answers you’ve been seeking for yourself. From the incredibly perceptive Dr. Colleen Sabol-Olitsky to Tony Gunn’s astonishing honesty and acceptance, every story is peppered with encouraging quotations from some of the most prominent thinkers and successful people in the world has produced. Almost every person on the planet has a dream. You may be aiming for the stars and want to be the first person to set foot on Mars, or you may have a less ambitious one like owning a new car. Whatever your dream is, wherever you want it to lead to, it takes time and perseverance to attain it. In the latest addition to his groundbreaking series, the authors invite you to experience A Journey of Riches – Building Your Dreams: 11 Stories to Inspire you Into Action, a book that explores how others attained their dreams and provide inspiration through chapters that include: Your money mindset The foundations of pursuing your dream From waiting tables to international keynote speaker Building dreams within dreams The art of dreaming From riches to rags And others… High Praise for A Journey of Riches series: “If you’re looking for an inspiring read to get you through any change, this is it!! This book is filled with many gripping perspectives, from a collection of successful international authors with a tonne of wisdom to share.” ñ Theera Phetmalaigul, Entrepreneur/Investor. “A must-read for anyone facing significant changes or challenges in life right now. This book will give you the courage to move through any challenge with confidence, grace and ease.” ñ Jo-Anne Irwin, Transformational Coach & Bestselling Author. “A timely read as I’m facing a few changes right now. I liked the various insights from the different authors. This book will inspire you to move through any challenge that you are experiencing.” ñ David Ostrand, Business Owner. Contributing Authors in this volume: John Spender, Dr. Colleen Sabol-Olitsky, Tony Gunn, Lyn Croker, Beth Lydia Ranchez, Dario Cucci, Leon Beaton, Lynette Gehrmann, Cindy Vazquez, Narelle Burgess, Jennifer Kumer A Journey of Riches: Building your Dreams is the nineteenth book in the Journey of Riches series, a collection of poignant thoughts by successful authors. We all need a little motivation to help us continue in the face of adversity, and live life on your terms.

Meet John Spender

John Spender is a 25-time International Best Selling co-author, who didn’t learn how to read and write at a basic level until he was ten years old. He has since traveled the world, started many businesses leading him to create the best-selling book series A Journey Of Riches. He is an Award-Winning International Speaker and Movie Maker.

John worked as an international NLP trainer and has coached thousands of people from various backgrounds through all sorts of challenges. From the borderline homeless to very wealthy individuals, he has helped many people to get in touch with their truth to create a life on their terms.

John’s search for answers to living a fulfilling life has taken him to work with Native American Indians in the Hills of San Diego, the forests of Madagascar, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga, exploring the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the Great Wall of China. He’s traveled from Chile to Slovakia, Hungary to the Solomon Islands, the mountains of Italy and the streets of Mexico.

Everywhere his journey has taken him, John has discovered a hunger among people to find a new way to live, with a yearning for freedom of expression. His belief that everyone has a book in them was born.

 He is now a writing coach, having worked with more than 200 authors from 40 different countries for the A Journey of Riches series and his publishing house, Motion Media International, has published 28 non-fiction titles to date.

 John also co-wrote and produced the movie documentary Adversity starring Jack Canfield, Rev. Micheal Bernard Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini, and many more, coming soon in 2022. Moreover, you can bet there will be a best-selling book to follow!