Rebounding (The Fun Exercise Series)

| March 6, 2013


Rebounding (The Fun Exercise Series Book 1)

The purpose of The Fun Exercise Series is to provide a quick set of guides that highlight an exercise that is not only good for you, but also fun. We all know exercise is good for us, yet many folks struggle with finding the motivation to exercise on a regular basis. Fun is a great motivator and it is our goal to find and highlight activities that are not only good for us, but fun too!

Rebounding is book one of The Fun Exercise Series. Rebounding is jumping on a mini-trampoline and it is fun and easy and has amazing health benefits. This book goes into the history of rebounding, the health benefits of rebounding, which rebounders to get, and has 3 unique rebounder workouts filled with pictures and descriptions.

Did you know that NASA used rebounding to train astronauts? Did you know that you can achieve brief weightlessness and a G force of 4 on a rebounder? Did you know that rebounding works the body at a cellular level, and can flush and clean the lymphatic system with a 2 minute health bounce? You can find out these things and more in the Fun Exercise Series Rebounding book. This book is graphics intensive and the workouts are documented in pictures.

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