The coming of dark

| March 11, 2014


The coming of dark.

A psychological, horror novel.

Troy Dance, a police detective, is in a coma after having been brutally
attacked by a local crime boss and his men.  During his coma he dreams about a time when he was a young boy and finds
that his closest friend has committed suicide.  The dream itself is confusing mixing truth with fiction.

While in a coma something invisible moves about his hospital room shifting furniture and knocking pictures off the wall.

When Troy finally wakens from his coma he is a changed person.  He is unable to deal with being a paraplegic.  He feels that his life is virtually over.

Not long after Troy leaves the hospital the crime
boss is murdered by a mysterious young boy wielding a very large knife.  Afterwards the boy simply vanishes. 

Troy is flooded by emotions.  He is depressed and feels inferior.  He soon believes that his wife cannot love him as he is and is certain that she will soon leave him.  He feels powerless to stop her until he discovers a psychic power within himself that had once lain dormant.

While confined to the basement, Trina Dance, Troy’s wife, wakes one night to see a young girl at her bedroom door bleeding profusely.  She turns to call up to Troy.  When she turns back the girl is gone.

Detective Tommy Waters is disturbed by news that he read of Troy’s past.  He decides that he must visit him and confront him with his discovery.  That turns out to be a bad mistake that ends with Trina and himself fighting for their lives against a power that they cannot understand.


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