The Lamp (The Lamp Series, Book 1)

| March 11, 2014


The Lamp (The Lamp Series, Book 1)

This is Book One of the Lamp Series.

THE LAMP SERIES is a fast-paced dystopian thriller that’s full of surprises and sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. They called him Levi the Leveler because of his frightening power. A terror in the boxing ring, most of his opponents didn’t make it past the first round. But after a careless decision sends him into exile for seven years, Levi returns to a life in ruins: his fiancé has split, his friends and money gone.

Once a notable figure with more money than he could ever spend, Levi must now contend with life as a regular citizen, trying to make ends meet doing menial labor as a handyman in a downtown apartment building. He soon befriends a smart teenage grifter and a spunky tenant in his building who remembers his former glory days.

But not everything is what it seems, and dangers lurk in the shadows.

As Levi struggles to pick up the pieces of his life, he receives an unusual inheritance from the mysterious figure known simply as K.S. He quickly learns that this gift is precious beyond value, and carries with it a unique power. This gift, however, proves costly as a fearsome enemy now hunts him and Levi is forced to become its protector while uncovering the mystery of K.S. and looking after those entrusted to him.

Reading Order:
The Lamp (Book One)
Dark Works (Book Two)

Society of Light (Book Three)
Falling Embers (Book Four)
Content Warning: Intended for readers age 16 and up due to mature content.

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