Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

| March 12, 2014


Maxwell's Silver Hammer

A British Crime Thriller.

After Billy Reeves had survived a poverty ridden and violent childhood on a council estate in Newcastle he thought he had it all; a loving family, money and respect but a face from the past with a point to prove and muscles to flex is out to bring his world crashing down on him.

He turns down an offer of a job with Tyneside’s most paranoid and psychotic gang lord and is faced with bent police, a corrupt judge, an army of bouncers and the knowledge that if he makes one wrong move in this game of cat and mouse his family will end up imprisoned, abused or worse.

Billy is going to have to work very hard just to keep everyone he cares about alive and that means the gloves are coming off…

From The Publisher:

Andy Rivers has crafted a Machiavellian tale of council estate politicking amongst the sex, drugs, good guys and thugs of the Tyneside underworld. This crime thriller is written in an, almost unique, multiple first person point of view and will entertain and appal you in equal measure. We think it’s a corker and hope you do too.


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