Please Hold Thumbs: A Not-So-Round Trip to South Africa

| March 13, 2014


Please Hold Thumbs: A Not-So-Round Trip to South Africa

HAVE A NICE TRIP? SEE YOU NEXT FALL! Attending their daughter’s wedding in South Africa promised to be the vacation of a lifetime. But first, they had to face the treacherous gauntlet known as modern day travel. Join this hapless, sometimes helpless couple as they brave their way through a never-ending obstacle course filled with such hazards as flight delays, the purgatory of layovers and an incompetent, uncaring air carrier that treats its passengers worse than their luggage. Waiting for them on the other side of the world are an honest-to-goodness safari with amorous lions and elephants with anger issues, a life-affirming visit to a South African school and an anxious bride and groom, standing patiently at the airport with a sign that reads: “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? ” The answer lies within the pages of PLEASE HOLD THUMBS: A NOT-SO-ROUND TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA, a true tale of turbulence and triumph from travel mug Scott Cherney, author of RED ASPHALT


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