The Trip Into Milky Way

| March 18, 2014


The Trip Into Milky Way

The sixties, in all its wildness, joys, psychedelics and vagabonding, with a haunting romance and the Vietnam War as a backdrop.

Author Gary Paul Corcoran calls The Trip Into Milky Way, the other side of Vietnam and what happens to a young man when he refuses to die for his country. Based on personal experiences, the minute Clay Matthews walks out of an induction center in LA, he becomes a man without a country, ostracized from family and friends. Clay’s one hope is to find a place in the sun, an odyssey that leads him from a sojourn in the South Pacific to the Mexican Riviera and ultimately to smuggling drugs across the Mexican border and incarceration in a Mexican prison, a crucible through which Clay must pass into manhood. Abandoned by his lover along the way and his dreams shattered, Clay begins to see how his desperate efforts to avoid the war have led to unfettered selfishness on his part. Still, his only thought inside the Mexican prison is to escape and regain his freedom. Which he does, only to find himself haunted by the friend he has left behind. Clay’s quest to rescue this friend and find spiritual enlightenment leads to a riveting conclusion, in which a host of colorful sixties’ characters play their part, including Stan, the ex-‘Nam chopper pilot, Faith, the expatriate slumming down in San Blas, Eric, the Bhagavad Gita toting space cadet and Sarah, the former revolutionary who is always game for one more battle against the empire.


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