Croker Diaries: Educating Justice

| March 15, 2014


Croker Diaries: Educating Justice

The exciting and suspenseful legal thriller series, “Croker Diaries” continues with an intense courtroom drama that will leave you guessing until the end.

Gabriel Santos has been a model middle school teacher of 24 years until a mysterious phone call is made to the School District office accusing Gabriel of child abuse. Gabriel knows who made the call, the woman who has made his life miserable over the last several years, Natalie Coleman. Gabriel couldn’t wait for the investigation to clear his name-that could take months. Instead he takes matters into his own hands, hiring a new attorney, Chris McNamara from the Law Office of Ryan Croker, to represent him in a defamation of character lawsuit. As the case begins to heat up, Natalie is discovered murdered. The autopsy reveals Natalie is pregnant All the evidence, collected is too neat and perfect. It all points to Gabriel as the murderer, however he swears his innocence. Now accused of a double murder and facing the possibility of a death penalty, Gabriel’ only hope is Chris McNamara. However, Chris has never handled a criminal case before. Chris turns to an assigned court mentor, Morton Goldstein for guidance. Together, they maneuver through a complex litigation battle to prove Gabriel innocence, against an aggressive district attorney, while uncovering a diabolical scheme to hide the truth.

Join Chris McNamara and his legal team as they venture through the twists and turns of this courtroom engagement, providing the suspense and mystery that makes up Croker Diaries: Educating Justice.


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