Eat Like A Farm Girl; 3 Ingredient Plant Based Recipes

| March 16, 2014


Eat Like A Farm Girl; 3 Ingredient Plant Based Recipes

The hardest part about healthy eating? Vegetables are perishable! 

After years of growing, selling, and cooking plant based foods, I have finally learned a few tricks that help me to make the most of my fruits & vegetables before they begin to rot, stink, smell, & slime away in my fridge. These easy fixes have done a lot for my marriage, my counter top, and for my health.
In Eat Like A Farm Girl, I will help you master a plant based diet with simple and achievable recipes that focus on: flavor, nutrition, & just 3 Plant Based Ingredients! These recipes and techniques are perfect for busy people and those who really want to live simply and sustainably. No more rotting, stinking, slime-bombs in the fridge. No more food wasting!
Learn about stocking a plant based pantry, developing a daily menu, and creating your own 3 ingredient plant based recipes. Over 90 recipes in all, including 12 just for kale!

The meals I’ve created are all about using your hands-on kitchen time to produce restaurant quality condiments & ‘go-withs’ that take vegetables to the next level in minutes. Now, when your vegetables are ready, so are you!


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