Knitting Stitches Handbook (Learn How to Knit)

| March 19, 2014


Knitting Stitches Handbook (Learn How to Knit)

Learn How To Knit 40 Interesting Knitting Stitches

With this book you will learn:

  1. How to read patterns and charts
  2. Basic stitches like the Purl Stitch
  3. Slipped Stitches, like the Heel Stitch, Slanting Slipped Stitch and the Slipped Columns
  4. Knit stitches, such as the Stockinette Stitch, Moss Stitch and Seed Stitch
  5. Lace Stitches, such as the Leafy Columns, Zigzag Lace and Diamond Lace
  6. Cable Stitches like the Braid Cable and X-Cord Cables
  7. This book also includes an easy Afghan pattern to help you practice the new stitches you will learn

BONUS: As an added bonus this book includes a knitting glossary at the end, for you to use to help understand knitting jargon!

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