Becoming A Pioneer- A Book Series: The Month-by-Month Guide to Doubling Your Business And Taking Over Your Industry in A Year

Are you tired of “being stuck” in your business, dreaming one day you would double your business in a year but never making it happen or knowing how? In this book, you will discover: ✓ How to build a 3-year Goal that is closest to your 25-year Goal: Big picture thinking and imagination to go above and beyond what you thought was possible. ✓ How to get to your 3-year goal in One Year: Questions to make you think, integrate and execute the big and small, and make you feel that you can really attain your 3-year goal in a year. ✓ How to double with a lean team while building additional revenue streams in your business. ✓ Four proven “leap” strategies and dozens of thinking tools you can use to double your profits and make a meaningful positive transformation in your business. ✓ The only three ways to build your dream come true organization chart that makes financial sense to you. You will also be able to: * Get Insights in the end that cater to your bottom line given by Bimal to double your business usingthose insights alone and take over your industry. * Use True success stories in each chapter that show you that the systems work and questions thathelp you build your own customized blueprint and action plan for each day of the week. * Free Training with the book to deliver 10 times more value on the content, actions, and toolsprovided in the book. * Get Access to FREE tools and resources. Building A Pioneer turns aspiring entrepreneurs into sustainable pioneers. Unlock The Pioneers Platform today.

Meet Bimal Shah

Bimal is a pioneer, author, and a results leader delivering meaningful transformations. Bimal is the CEO of Rajparth group of companies that is on a mission to make a million pioneers throughout the world. Bimal has a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their three-year goal in one year that is closest to their 25-year vision. That is the purpose behind his book series, “Becoming A Pioneer.” His systems solve one of the biggest problems 80 percent of small businesses face today-becoming extinct even after 15 years in the business. Bimal has helped 26 CEOs more than double their business in a year by becoming pioneers and more than 1000 families take their wealth securely to another level. Bimal’s story began when he came to the US 24 years ago with nothing, worked several jobs to pay his own tuition, started his own business after graduation, and has been a thriving entrepreneur ever since. He is married for 23 years and a dedicated father to his two daughters after which he named his company. Bimal’s strong expertise as a Chartered Financial Consultant has helped him build strong financials and improved profitability in a year for many businesses. You can reach Bimal at Bimal’s organization trains companies take 90-day leaps through his unique three-tiered system of coaching-planning-accountability. With his unique tracking system and the thrive, transform, and transcend platforms, small businesses can now find it easy to double or get exponential growth in less than a year. Bimal is a recognized speaker in many recognized platforms and associations like Goldman Sachs, Vistage, The Millionaires Group, American Business Women’s Association, CEO Ventures. and much more. Bimal has been recognized every year in Who’s Who in the World. Rajparth Group has been named the Best Small Business in Boca Raton in the Investment Category. Bimal Shah is well-known in South Florida and in business community for the last 23 years. He has been featured in NBC WPTV, Prestigious SFBW Magazine, Radio Entrepreneurs, I am CEO, Authority Magazine, The Entrepreneur Way, Office Hours, and much more with one goal-making your journey meaningful.