Norse Mythology for kids: Illustrated Myths of Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Dwarves, Elves, and other Fantastic Beings of the Viking Saga (Mythology for Kids and Teens Book 3)

Do you wish to introduce your kids to the all-interesting, action-packed Norse mythology in a language that will fascinate them and even pull them to want to learn more about ancient mythologies?

And are you looking for a child-friendly book that will make them even more curious about the beliefs of ancient societies?

If you’ve answered YES,

Let this book thrill and educate your child as it introduces them to ancient Norse Mythology in a fun, child-friendly style!
Stories about all the mythical creatures and places in Norse mythology (gods, goddesses, giants, dwarves, elves, trolls, spirits, demons, monsters, and other beings) are not just fascinatingly educative – they make any unbiased reader/listener want to learn more about this ancient Viking Warrior religion! And when these stories are told in a child-friendly language, they sound more like fantasy stories straight out of their favorite cartoon with their complex characters, compelling stories, and terrifying monsters.

This book delivers just that for your kids in a language that will fascinate, and make them want to keep reading!

But how exactly is it meant for kids?

It uses child-friendly language and features handmade watercolor illustrations of the different creatures and scenes to help the kids visualize what they read as well as bring the much-needed fascination and dramatic effect to keep your kids wanting to read!

Is it detailed enough to cover the basics and intermediates that any child needs to grasp Norse mythology?


Is it too graphic for kids?

No. The book uses a toned-down yet descriptive style that will ensure readers have a good reading experience without being exposed to violence! Even the illustrations are not too graphic so you don’t scare kids!

Indeed, this third book in the Mythology for Kids series will leave your child thirsting for more, as they have a deeper appreciation of the religion that some of the finest warriors that ever lived – the Vikings – believed! Prepare for moments where you will have to answer all manner of questions – some that you will have to do further research – and play pretend games acting like some of the mythical creatures in Norse Mythology!

It features:
A background of Norse mythology
The Yggdrasil and the nine worlds
Stories of the gods, goddesses, giants, dwarves, elves, trolls, spirits, demons, monsters, and other beings
Fascinating stories of the relationships between different creatures
Colorful illustrations that will help your child get a picture of the different creatures
And much more!
So whether your child is new to ancient mythologies or has been an ardent reader of mythology stories, this will be very instrumental in taking their love for mythologies to the next level!

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