The Makings of Violet Frogg (Modern women: Entertaining Edwardians Book 1)

‘All the world’s a stage,’ and Violet Frogg is playing many parts.
Like Anna Veronica she escapes from a stifling family home only to find herself trapped in a Doll’s House. There, like Nora, Violet eventually bucks the system and decides to leave a husband who disapproves of her association with the suffragists. In the world of work, as assistant to the acting manager of Herbert Tree’s theatre company, she is at risk of turning into Vivie of Mrs Warren’s Profession: a woman who eschews love and attachment for career and independence. When her past catches up with her Violet goes on the run again and this time finds herself in the role of Downton Abbey’s housekeeper Mrs Carson.

Who is Violet? How hard can it be for a young woman to live her own life in turn-of-the-20th century Britain?