GOT SEEN: An Autobiography

Steve Garfield is a visionary who looks at disparate things and sees ways to combine them into new and exciting endeavors.

Growing up, Steve Garfield was always fascinated by new things, whether it was being intrigued by a sidewalk radio broadcast, learning how to run a childhood vegetable stand and diner, or getting a job sign printing in retail as soon as he was of age.

In Got Seen, Steve shares stories, including growing up, his time on the radio, tv, and web video, interspersed with his 17 Rules for Life.

Steve Garfield’s 17 Rules for Life:

1. Think give first.

2. Be interested. Show that you are interested in them, and they will be interested in you

3. Ask for advice.

4. Volunteer to learn.

5. The best camera is the one you have with you.

6. Design, then build. Begin with the end in mind.

7. Step by step helps you find the answer

8. Ask if you can help.

9. Have no fear. Don’t be afraid to pursue your ideas.

10. Teamwork leads to success.

11. Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

12. Pursue your passion on the side.

13. Always say yes, and no. Be known as the person who always says yes. Keep in mind that if you say yes to everything, you might be too busy to say yes to the most important things.

14. One plus one equals new.

15. Invest in people. Let them know you are interested in investing.

16. Share via social media.

17. Learn the owner’s manual for your body. Exercise and eat well.

Notable moments include:

Founding the Boston Computer Society Macintosh Users Group after attending Steve Jobs’ introduction of the Macintosh in Boston.
Developing and presenting an NFL draft and ticketing system to the New England Patriots.
Becoming a multi-million dollar computer salesperson.
Snagging a spot for his headshot on the wall of the Carnegie Deli in NYC.
Becoming on-air talent at the GBH Boston annual auction.
Producing morning radio in Boston.
Writing for Jay Leno.
Becoming a pioneering video blogger featured in TIME magazine.
Coordinating the first video bloggers conference in NYC.
Developing the first politician’s video blog.
Helping Jimmy Fallon get started the right way in video blogging.
Investing in 3D printing, a brewery, and a car dealership.
Got Seen is a fun read with lots of life lessons. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.