California and Back : An 1850’s Adventure

Bound for California at the height of the Gold Rush, Martin Noble Hine celebrates the 4th of July on a ship stranded off the coast of Mexico. This is the beginning of Martin’s 18-month long journey as he seeks his fortune in the Wild West of 1852.

Martin’s true-life account paints a vivid picture of his adventures beginning with an unexpected sojourn in Mexico before eventually making his way to old town Sacramento. With a desire for adventure and intending to complete his journey to the Gold Rush region, Martin finds that the West poses more challenges than he could ever imagine. Enduring both devastating fires and disastrous floods along with health epidemics from smallpox, cholera, and typhoid fever it seems as though fate had other plans.

With humorous and fascinating anecdotes from this bygone time, you will be transported back to another era as you join 23-year old Martin Noble Hine on his incredible travels to California and back again in this remarkable memoir.