Waters of Change

“Anything can happen within a human. Their hearts are deep and unsearchable. Who can know its depths?” Gwendolyn can’t figure out why her life is unraveling–why her best friend mysteriously disappeared and her boyfriend is pulling away. She’s frightened by a compelling urge to visit the beach that leaves her waist-deep in the ocean. Nothing in her world is making any sense. Nothing except him. His name is Marcus, and he’s all she ever desired. His metal-grey eyes make her heart thunder in her chest. But Marcus offers more than irresistible charm; he knows the answers that she seeks. He will give her a chance to look deep within her heart. She will discover things she will regret uncovering–things that may bring a curse upon her soul. Waters of Change: Gwendolyn Falling is the first novel in the Waters of Change Trilogy–a young adult paranormal romance filled with heart-pounding suspense, dark twists, and vicious mermaids.

Meet Amy Astorga

Amy Astorga has been an author since the age of six. Her parents would staple papers together and she would write and illustrate short stories. Now that she’s older, she’s finally able to live out her passion. Although she’s a stay-at-home mother to six children, she’s dedicated to her craft. Perhaps it provides a well needed escape from the coloring books and jelly sandwiches