Awaken (Awakened Fate Book 1)

“Awesome lore, thrilling story, and tons of characters to adore…I just loved Awaken!” – Jena of ShortieSays review blog

I’m Chloe Kowalski, and I promise you, I never planned on growing scales.

Of course, I never planned on running away from home either. Or being targeted by killers. My only goal was to take a vacation to the beach—and maybe get to know my best friend’s hot stepbrother better at the same time.

Too bad I fell into the ocean.

Now I’ve got a mermaid tail, madmen are hunting me, and a mysterious guy with glowing blue eyes is following me. And that hot stepbrother? Oh, he’s got secrets all his own.

It was supposed to be a vacation. Now it’s the fight of my life.

Discover why readers love Awaken!

“So unusual and unique! I am incredibly impressed with this story! I have read many mermaid books/siren books and this certainly takes the cake!” – Amazon reviewer

“The character development and plot were first-rate. Stupendous, actually.” – AJ Sparber, Amazon reviewer

“I was screaming and laughing at some parts so that pretty much sums up that I will be getting the next book to continue this thrilling series.” – Opal, Amazon reviewer

”5 Star rating is well earned. The characters are well-defined, strong and believable. Their conditions are not all human, and they blend together very well. I really want to know what happens next.” – Corinthian, Amazon reviewer

Dive in and join the thousands of readers who have explored the magical world of the mermaids in this thrilling young adult paranormal romance series!

The Awakened Fate Series (now complete!)
#1 – Awaken
#2 – Descend
#3 – Return
#3.5 – Abide – An Awakened Fate Novella
#4 – Arise
#5 – Become
#6 – Rebirth
#7 – Memory
#8 – Defiance
#9 – Destiny