The Wizard’s Apprentice

| March 25, 2014


The Wizard's Apprentice (The Apprentice)

“A great telling of an adventure, filled with wizardry, suspense, and good humour. . . Readers, young or old, who love an adventurous tale set in a mythical country, will enjoy delving into the world of The Wizard’s Apprentice.” ~ Elita Daniels author of The Darkening of Deacon (Tree of Life series).

Book One of the Apprentice series.

Brock is an elf who enjoys the good things in life, rarely looking for anything beyond the next good meal. But when he steals food off the wizard Zebulon’s plate, he rudely finds himself magically bound to the wizard. Brock is whisked away on an adventure of magic, love, and discovery of his own noble destiny. Now his choices could save—or destroy—the chances of protecting the powerful pendant from Mustafa, an evil and very dangerous wizard.


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