Parachutes and Peppermints (The Freefall Trilogy – Part 1)

| March 25, 2014


Parachutes and Peppermints (The Freefall Trilogy - Part 1)

Have you ever knelt at the open door of a plane, gasping in the choke of diesel, the wind stealing the breath from your mouth; knowing that at any second you’ll be falling out of it, plummeting back down to earth, when the complete stranger strapped to your back pushes you out?

Lucy Simkins owns a chocolate shop in Brixham: a sleepy, English seaside town.  She’s been dumped by her dithering boyfriend, Phil (he’s a bit of a “banker”). She needs to blast him out of her system. She needs to feel alive. She decides to go skydiving.

Joshua Snow is one of the most experienced tandem instructors at the dropzone, with a smile that can charm the birds from the trees. Confident, charismatic, even a little cocky, he soon finds himself on the back foot. He finds his little tandem student somewhat disarming.

There’s an instant attraction between Joshua and Lucy, an attraction that hasn’t gone unnoticed by his peers. A distracted student is one thing – they’re all used to that. But a distracted instructor? That’s a whole different story.

Parachutes and Peppermints is the first part in the Sadie Mills Freefall Trilogy, a fast-paced series of novellas, each set within the space of a single day. In this romantic comedy Sadie Mills grabs the unsuspecting reader by the handholds, drags them to the door, and pulls them out of the plane with her, giving a glimpse of a world full of adrenaline (not to mention insanely hot men) rarely explored in literature.

In the second part of the Freefall Trilogy, Parachutes and Pep Talks, we revisit Joshua and Lucy one month on, when Lucy makes a startling discovery regarding Joshua’s past. A twist of fate leaves not only their relationship, but Lucy’s life hanging in the balance.


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