People Like Us (The Keszthelyi Chronicles)

| March 25, 2014


Good food, sunshine, cheap wine, and a little slice of the French countryside to call one’s own: who could ask for more?

Into this world steps Nicolas Keszthelyi, an unscrupulous young antiques dealer with an amoral devotion to beauty and an eye on the art collection of the local Carmelite convent. For Keszthelyi, used to the frenetic pace of London life, a trip to the French countryside to look at religious bric-a-brac seemed like such a relaxing prospect.


Now two people are dead, the convent has been burnt to the ground, and a priceless work of art has vanished. Nicolas Keszthelyi is fleeing from the forces of law and order, and the only way for him to escape the consequences of his actions is to tell the whole story, including the parts that the police would rather stayed hidden.

People Like Us is a story about aesthetics, unrequited love, and what to do with frozen courgettes.

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