Love Yourself & Lose Weight: The Success Story of Self Love

Instead of starting diets or exercise regimes and trying, or hoping for the best, it’s time for a new weightloss method. To do what’s necessary to shift the weight via any diet or exercise regime, first you have to fix your relationship with you. Love Yourself & Lose Weight offers a revolutionary and visionary approach to weightloss that’s not about the food you eat or the calories you burn, no, it’s simply all about you. If you don’t accept, like, and love yourself, you’re missing a key ingredient to any weightloss regime – you’re missing what you need to make the change. Without self-love, the chances are stacked against you and it’s more likely that whatever you try will fail. What if learning to absolutely love yourself could be the key?

Meet Katie Lips

Katie Lips is an author, entrepreneur, innovator, speaker, mother, and weightloss expert, and helps people around the world to learn to love themselves, lose weight and find happiness. Katie wrote her debut book Love Yourself & Lose Weight to share her experiences of successful and enjoyable weightloss. Having struggled with weight for many years, Katie found the secret was self-love. This simple book about love aims to help people to love themselves, lose weight and be happy.