Mediterranean cookbook:The Right Stuff(ing)

| March 27, 2014


Mediterranean cookbook:The Right Stuff(ing): Quick Slow Cooking-The Full Guide for Delicious Stuffed Dishes (Special cookbook,Unique recipes)

If you are looking for a special cookbook and unique recipes, this Mediterranean cookbook will offer you great authentic and delicious, yet- quick and easy recipes, such as: stuffed bell peppers, stuffed cabbage, stuffed pasta shell or Chicken Stuffed with Dried Fruit and Rice in sweet Soy Sauce…

All the recipes are perfect for a slow cooker!

*****5 stars Written with Joy By Java Davis, author

*****5 stars I will definitely use it. A wonderful book! By Kathy

Zucchini Stuffed with Quinoa, Mint and Cranberries:

Zucchini is the kind of vegetable I simply cannot resist when I see it in the market … This time they are filled with a rich mixture of quinoa, mint and cranberry sauce with maple fragrance. Finger licking good!

If you are lucky enough to find rounds zucchini at the markets, don’t hesitate! Just buy them! They are fun and easy to scoop and fill.


• 8 zucchinis


• 1 cup quinoa

• ½ cup chopped mint

• 1 onion, chopped

• 5 Tbsp. toasted pine nuts

• ½ cup cranberries

• 1 tsp. Baharat

• Salt and pepper to taste


• The insides of the zucchini

• 3 large tomatoes, cut into quarters

• 1 Tbsp. sugar

• 4 cups boiling water

• 1 tsp. Baharat

• 1 tsp. cinnamon

• Salt and pepper to taste

• 2 Tbsp. natural maple syrup


• Core the zucchini and keep the insides for the stuffing and the top for cover.

• Pan fry the onions in olive oil until lightly golden. Remove from heat and cool.

• Mix the onions with the other ingredients of the filling, stuffing the zucchini and closing the top. Densely arrange a wide flat pan.

• In a blender, mix together all the sauce ingredients except the water to create a paste. Mix it with boiling water and stir. Pour over the zucchini and cook over low heat for about an hour at a gentle boil.

• Bake in the oven on medium heat, uncovered, for about fifteen minutes for a final brown.

If you have told me a few years ago that what I would like to cook the most would be stuffed dishes, I would have not believe it. Stuffed dishes always looked delicious, but complicated and difficult to prepare, left to professional chefs or to those with lots of cooking experience.

I enjoyed eating them in restaurants but wouldn’t dare to try and actually preparing them myself.

Five years ago when I made my first stuffed pepper, I realized it is not as hard as I imagined. Actually it’s kind of fun and easy… then I began to indulge … Something about the act of coring, filling and assembling makes cooking creative and fun. And the taste? The tastes are so good that they make the task of emptying, filling, rolling, arranging etc. rewarding and so worth the efforts!

Since my first stuffed pepper, I continued to fill and roll almost everything I laid my eyes on; grape leaves, beets, tomatoes, squash and zucchini. And the filing? Almost everything is possible according to your taste: Ground meat, rice or quinoa, cheese or dried fruit.

In this book you will find the best recipes for stuffed dishes collected especially for you and grouped by categories: meat and poultry, vegetarian and vegan, dairy and sweets.

And most importantly, I’ve attached the Complete Guide for making stuffed dishes: all the secrets, tips, and principles that will make you an expert in stuffed dishes! Guaranteed!


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