Guilty Deceptions

I held a man’s life in my hands… September 1869, changed my life forever. We discovered human remains, and opened the most complex investigation. We had no names, nothing to go on, and a year old crime scene. Things were becoming hopeless, and I was beginning to think we’d never solve it. Then there was a break in the case. Now we were getting somewhere, but at what cost? All the evidence was pointing toward one man, a famous architect, but his involvement just didn’t make any sense and when letters from beyond the grave suggested his innocence – things only got more complicated.

Meet D.C. Malcolm

D.C. Malcolm was born in 1983 in Saint John, New Brunswick. Growing up D.C. was fascinated by literature, even before she could read. Once D.C. was old enough she began writing her own stories, developing her craft. When D.C. was 36 years old she decided to dedicate all her spare time to launching her writing career.