Knitting Scarves For Beginners (Learn How to Knit)

| March 28, 2014


Knitting Scarves For Beginners (Learn How to Knit)

Learn How To Knit Scarves

This Book Will Teach You:

  1. Scarf knitting basics such as sizing and how to determine your gauge
  2. How to choose the correct yarns and needles for knitting your Scarves
  3. Scarf Cast-on techniques
  4. How to complete the Knit Stitch
  5. How to complete the Purl Stitch
  6. How to complete the Stockinette Stitch
  7. How to complete the Ribbed Stitch
  8. Binding off your scarf
  9. How to block your scarf
  10. How to add tassels to your scarf
  11. How to add fringe to the ends of your scarf
  12. This book also includes 4 detailed scarf patterns for you to complete (Ribbed Scarf, Striped Scarf, Cabled Scarf and Lace Scarf).

Get started knitting a beautiful scarf today!


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