Crushed: A New Adult Novella

| March 28, 2014


Crushed: A New Adult Novella

Self-proclaimed protector of her little brother, Harper has always been ready to fight the good fight, especially when it came to Benny. Then he died and ripped her world in half. Now she’s barely holding on and barely keeping up, counting the days until she can leave this town and the painful memories that haunt her. But her best friend Darcy is in trouble, and it’s partly Harper’s fault. Also, there is this new guy in town. His name is Jest, and he keeps turning up when her heart is at its most vulnerable.

Jest Barnes isn’t a hero. He’s fun, cocky and sexy as hell, and right now he’s caught up in the mystery that is Harper. When she literally fell into his arms at a rave, he thought he’d caught an angel. And now that he knows about her past, he’s wondering if maybe he can be her knight in shining armor after all.

Genre: New Adult Romance

Length: Short novel – 41,000 words


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