Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook

| March 29, 2014


Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook

Christina Carlyle’s popular (and addictive!) Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook has been called the ‘skinny version of the Cheesecake Factory’s Menu.’ Your taste buds will dance, enjoying these recipes that are all low calorie, low glycemic and full of flavor. This cookbook is like having a Nutritionist and Chef at your fingertips. Discover how to eat your way to abs, the same way author, Christina Carlyle, former fat girl foodie, turned Nutritionist, Trainer and Weight Loss Success did.

Fueled by frustration, unable to find any metabolism maximizing and delicious recipes, Carlyle began studying acclaimed Chef’s culinary approach and technique to creating gourmet dishes. Her amateur chef skills paired with her knowledge of fat fighting ingredients, allowed Carlyle to develop over 200 chef inspired, gourmet recipes, created with ingredients proven to Maximize the Metabolism naturally. Every recipe in this book is healthy, triggers the body to burn fat, and down right crave-able.

This Cookbook will be your go-to guide for making gourmet meals and how to use them to see results the scale. With over 200 recipes ranging from beef to poultry, seafood to pork, breakfasts, salads, sides, smoothies, and more, there’s something for every meal and even the pickiest eater. More than just a cookbook, Abs are Made in the Kitchen also includes proven strategies, broken down into simple steps to show you how to use fight fat with food and create meals suited your palette.

This isn’t a diet. This is a guideline to lose weight quickly, by eating for a happier, healthier lifestyle. It’s the solution to eating great and losing weight, for good. It’s simple. Learn it. Live it. Love it, and you too can say, “My Abs are Made in the Kitchen.” Get your copy now to learn the steps to eating your way to abs and a happier, healthier, lifestyle.


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