Lost Oasis

| June 30, 2014


Lost Oasis

An Ancient Persian army lost in the desert for 2,500 years…the fabulous, legendary lost oasis of Zerzura!

After he discovers a Persian gold coin deep in the Egyptian desert, geologist John Cavanaugh leads a team of archaeologists back to the site, unknowingly triggering the rebirth of a multitude of long forgotten horrors. But as the expedition approaches its goal, Cavanaugh realizes the worst: each of his crew members is along for a different reason. Fame, riches, love, and remnants of a dark past fuel their actions and lead them to individual fates that none of them bargained for.

Lost Oasis is a dark, fast-paced adventure thriller that takes the reader on two unique safaris 2,500 years apart, through a surreal, malevolent desert where they encounter friendship and betrayal, ambition and oblivion, discovery and loss, joy and terror, love and death.

TM Bown is a PhD consulting geologist who has participated on 48 overseas expeditions, including twenty-two seasons in Egypt and ten elsewhere in the Middle East. In addition to his geologic studies, he has co-authored four articles on the oldest road in the world (IV Dynasty of Pharaonic Egypt), and he was scientific consultant for the English Channel 4 TV Documentary Series “Ends of the Earth” on the 2002 program, entitled The Lost Army of King Cambyses. Dr. Bown lives near Denver, Colorado, where he is working on a second novel which also partly takes place in ancient Egypt.

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