Deathmatch with Janx Spirit

| March 29, 2014


Deathmatch with Janx Spirit

Deathmatch is a video game type, started with id Sofware’s Doom, and perfected by Quake and Unreal Tournament. These poems will not, however, give tips on coping in first-person shooter fragfests. But perhaps they will tell how to survive in life’s eclectic mix of gambling, unemployment, bizarre neighbors, and liquor.

Of liquors, Janx is not in any normal distribution, although – as we all know – the famous Hitchhiker’s Guide presents it to full effect. To be exact, these poems are not referring to Janx proper, although the similarities are remarkable. Finland’s hinterland town Kouvola is known if its moonshine, and as it so happened, the heroes of these poems christened one of these horrible rust removers as Janx. With it many weekends have been wasted, by traveling directly from Friday to Monday, without stopping on any intermediate stops.

Otherwise, the time here rots away slowly. Nothing much happens. TV shows sometimes something, sometimes it does not. If it is functional, that is. Most of the stuff is not. The main meeting place is The Cultural Centre, suburb’s only restaurant. On its program list are presented the good old-fashioned fighting, police and ambulance personnel. On a daily basis.


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