The Complete Morgan Fox Adventures: Five Story Box Set – More than 650 pages of super-fast, action adventure

70% Discount! Grab the complete box set, all five stories, more than 650 pages, of full-on, Adrenalin pumping adventure! Plots, treachery, espionage and treason conspire against a legendary aircraft finder and salvage expert as he is thrust into criminal conspiracies with CIA, FBI and bad actors bent on revenge, extortion, domination and greed. From a lost German WW2 nuclear weapon, to a stolen American tactical nuclear weapon, lost airplanes with secret treaties to AI computers and stolen strategic oil reserves. These very, fast paced stories will grip you from the beginning and won’t let go. Race along with legendary aircraft finder extraordinaire and salvage expert, Morgan Fox, as he is thrust into conspiracies with CIA double agents, extortionists, para-military, a U. S. Senator secretly draining oil reserves for personal profit, partnering with a female Chinese assassin to find a missing American whistle blower, working with the FBI and much more. He constantly demonstrates his uncanny intuition, barely escapes at every turn, while struggling to figure out the truth and win the day. These stories include books 1 – 4 and the prequel that begins the legend of his uncanny skill. Fans of military action adventure, CIA and FBI adventure fiction will enjoy these stories steeped in plots, espionage, treason, flying and lost aircraft. Fly with Morgan and his teams as they work out the clues to figure out who are friends, who are enemies and how to win… always just barely in time.

Meet J. T. Skye

Hi there. I’m Jon Thomas Skye, better known to my friends as J. T. I love to write stories of heroic quests, ancient prophecies and mythical journeys along roads less traveled. They include grand, military space battles, secret alliances, desperate treachery, vengeance and retribution against the arrogance, elitism and glory hunting found at the highest levels of society. From pirates, slavers, saboteurs and assassins… to elite Warriors, trader families, cargo haulers and the many desperate refugees just trying to escape conscription. I’ve loved to read and write science fiction, fantasy and action adventure stories my whole life and am passionate about mainstream Sci Fi, Space Opera, Military Sci Fi, and mythical Fantasy. If you love Sci Fi, Fantasy and Action Adventure, join me on the journey of a life time.