The Wife of John the Baptist

| March 30, 2014


The Wife of John the Baptist

History and fiction merge beautifully in K. Ford K.’s vibrant, breathtaking novel about the man who became John the Baptist and the woman who loved him, his wife. K. Ford K. transports readers to a richly imagined landscape where Hessa, the daughter of a Greek trader, is being prepared for her marriage to a wealthy man. But when Hessa meets a charismatic, young man named John, who is rumored to be a prophet, she falls in love and runs away to marry him. Told in Hessa’s voice, this novel reveals the mystery of a man who was greatly admired in his time and who changed our way of thinking forever. Rich storytelling combined with epic history give us an unforgettable story, as only the wife of John the Baptist could tell it.


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