| March 30, 2014


Quietus (The Singing Sand Story)

Seven months after the events at the lake, the Nelson family has returned to their lives in Chicago, Illinois. The horrific attack against their family and the death of Sally and Michael Thompson has taken its toll on every surviving person. Jeff has become a recluse, turning to the bottle to forget his pain. He spends his days drinking and staring across the street at the family he feels is responsible for his suffering and loss. Daniel spends his time training, working hard to build himself into a weapon so that he will never be a victim again. James struggles with the guilt of not protecting his daughter’s innocence and for not being the person to exact revenge. Ruth silently watches on as her family slowly drifts in different directions, powerless to do anything to stop it for fear of driving everyone further apart. At the centre is Jamal, seeing the Nelson family and Jeff struggling and scared for where Daniel is headed he decides to stay. As things begin to escalate within the home, and the family starts to communicate their feelings, they are forced to again struggle for their survival as Jamal’s past finally catches up with him.

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