Altered States

| April 1, 2014


Altered States

Psychologists have devised tests to determine whether people can detect lies. The tests are given to policemen, customs officers, trial lawyers and a whole bunch of other professionals who should have a knack for spotting deception. On average they score bang on fifty per cent. No better than chance.

But sometimes, every now and then, someone scores off the charts.
What is it they see that we miss?
What more is there to see that they miss?
Ever wished you could read someone’s mind?
Ever wished you could alter someone’s mind?
Be careful what you wish for…

Aaron Braunn has a talent for mind games. A talent that makes him a useful kind of guy to have around. Unfortunately, the kind of people who want to have him around never seem to have good intentions. His only option is to die. But he can only play dead for so long, before new discoveries about his past force him back to the surface again. Into the biggest mind game yet. Into a world driven by lies, love … and leading labels.


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