Love, Emily – A Love Story from the Files of Jessica Summer

| April 1, 2014


Love, Emily - A Love Story from the Files of Jessica Summer (The Jessica Summer Series)

Love, Emily


Honestly. What guy decides he’s not ready for a commitment after being in a relationship for three years? Isn’t that one of the struggles the typical man goes through in the first six months of a relationship?

Not Emily Bryant’s boyfriend Matt, who also happens to be her landlord and the guy who lives on the other half of the duplex she’s renting from him. Talk about a complicated break-up. It’s bad enough that she has to see all the other woman he parades past her doorstep every night. It’s worse when he starts trying to get her to go see him and his band play a large local venue they just landed. For Matt, it was never about ending it with Emily. He just wanted more options with more women, and he hoped that after she got over the initial sting, she could be one of those women.

That was never going to happen. Emily is a one-man girl but the fact that she made that clear to him hasn’t dissuaded him from trying. Her heart is in a state of chaos and nowhere close to being ready for another relationship when she meets Adam, a man who could be everything she’s ever dreamed of in her life.

Then again, maybe not. It’s not long before Jillian, a woman from Adam’s past surfaces, and she’s hell-bent on creating havoc in their lives. Emily really wants to believe that Adam could be the love of her life, but is he everything he seems to be or is there more to the story of him and Jillian than he wants her to know?

The Jessica Summer Series

From the files of Jessica Summer, an advice columnist who helps people in matters of the heart, comes the story of a woman who has a lot to learn about love, life, relationships and her own happiness.

Contemporary romance and young adult readers alike are sure to enjoy this first installment of the Jessica Summer Series. Filled with love, romance and memorable characters, it is easy to engage in and hard to put down.


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