F-Bomb Your Life

| April 1, 2014


F-Bomb Your Life: An Incomplete Guide to Screwing Up Everything

Ever sit around and consider your life reimagined, or even the life you’ve always wanted? Ever wondered if there was a life playbook that was just as unique as you are?

Turn every corner and you’ll easily find someone ready to tell you how to live, but you won’t find many willing to tell you how NOT to live. WHY? Because it would show their vulnerability and may
even be a little embarrassing. That’s where F-BOMB YOUR LIFE COMES IN.

F-BOMB YOUR LIFE is full of bona fide methods that have served to nearly (and secretly) destroy every aspect of our lives. Some of these methods are even billed as “Life’s Best Practices.” And to take the edge off, the methods are wrapped in funny stories, part humor memoir if you will. So read this book to crack the code to living a better life. You won’t be disappointed, unless perhaps these methods have already cloaked your perception. In that case, read the book twice.

You know the people who stand out most are those who are either credibly awesome or incredibly awful. Average is boring; don’t be average. This guide to life can either lead to awesome or awful–the choice is yours. You are the author of your life, so take hold of this book and create your masterpiece!

And don’t forget to use the “Look Inside” feature. I truly hope you enjoy.


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