Directional Thinking: 10 Steps to Positive Thinking

| April 3, 2014


Directional Thinking: 10 Steps to Positive Thinking

Directional Thinking – What’s The Point?

Directional Thinking is Forward Thinking in Action

• Gain insight into controlling the influences in your life

• Enrich your mind with positive thoughts

• Learn how to Map Goals through Mental Goal Mapping

• Be proactive instead of reactive to life

This book is a step-by-step guide to thinking positive daily

• Conquer bad thinking habits

• Free your mind from all clutter and issues

• Direct Focus onto what is Good

• Free yourself from negative influences that hold you back

The successful people in life have Directional Thinking

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Q & A

See if this Book is for you

Do you see people in the world full of negativity? This Book is for you

Do you want to spend countless hours talking to people about a poor work economy? This Book is Not for you

Do you want to live a life that has a sense of purpose and direction? This Book is for you

Do you want to live a life in which things in it just happen to you? This Book is Not for you

Do you want to have the confidence to press forward through the difficulties while keeping a smile on your face? This Book is for you

If your answer resulted in “This Book is Not for you”, please turn away now and do not read this book. This book is not for people who want to stay in their negative frame of mind. It’s not for the people who want to complain and whine about how life is knocking them down.

Instead, this book is for the people who want to take control of their life and move forward in a positive direction. I know it might be amusing to think some do not want to control their life, but it’s true. People hate change and plenty of people love the misery they are in. Come take a walk with me and see how the world can be different. I hope what I have learned and experienced will give you some insight into the world and help.


Discovered Thought Life

Learn the in’s and out’s of your thought life and discover how much of an influence it has on your life.

Negativity and Its Role

Discover what negativity’s role is and how it can be used to your advantage.

Opening the Positive Flood Gates

Find out the way to open the flood gates of positive influences in your life.

Identifying the Good and the Bad

Locate and decode the good and bad influences that are in your mind and in your life.

When to say “Yes” and when to say “No”

Learn the crucial timing of a “yes” and a “no”. You will learn that both are equally important.

Consumption Junction

Consumption habits of the mind explained in detail.

Expanding the Mind

Acquire the knowledge and know how to expand your mind to new lengths.

Mental Goal Mapping

Create and Achieve Goals with this unique approach.


Learn knowledge and skills to maintain self-discipline over your mind.

Ready, Mindset, Go!

The mindset is the key to it all.

Why The Book Was Written

Benjamin has been and always will be a thinker. A couple years back he had a trial in which is thinking and mindset took a horrible turn for the worst, he could not get away from thinking negatively. He decided to stop watching the news and refocused himself entirely. He discovered ways in which he was able to change his entire thinking process. Through this experience and extensive research, Benjamin wanted to share with the world his own techniques. He wrote this book in the hopes to help others with their own struggles with thinking negatively. He hopes people can adapt these steps in everyday life.


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