Fear Has a Name: A Pulse-Pounding Contemporary Christian Thriller (The Crittendon Files Book 1)

A Haunting Name From the Past . . . Granger Meade was mentally scarred as a boy by his religious zealot parents. He was bullied at school for his quiet, oafish appearance, which naturally made him a loner and outcast. But one girl treated him differently—Pamela Wagner. Pam talked to Granger, took an interest, listened, made him feel like a human being. She cared when no one else did, and Granger loved her for it; and still does 20 years later. So Granger goes back to their Ohio town. Back to Pamela. But she is happily married to reporter Jack Crittendon, who’s embroiled in a time-sensitive story about a pastor who’s disappeared and left a suicide note; a case swirling with suspicion and talk of scandal. With tension on every page, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author Creston Mapes demonstrates why he is a “Top Pick” among mystery, fiction and thriller lovers. Fans of DiAnn Mills, Terri Blackstock, Susan Sleeman, Alton Gansky, Karen Kingsbury, and Robin Patchen will love this thriller from award-winning and bestselling author Creston Mapes. Reader praise for Fear Has a Name ★★★★★ Gripping Suspense, Edge of Your Seat Reading. Fear Has a Name is a gripping Christian suspense novel that gives you everything you want from cover to cover. You will be on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. The best thing about this novel from a Christian readers perspective is the way that faith, mercy and forgiveness are woven seamlessly throughout the book . . . A very good read for anyone who likes Christian Suspense and drama. Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop until it’s done. ★★★★★ First time I have read a Christian suspense novel . . . I’m hooked. Honestly not sure how I stumbled on to this book but have found a new genre. I have read a lot of suspense and crime novels and didn’t know there were Christian suspense novels until this one! Creston Mapes is an incredible author. Powerful storytelling with believable characters and plenty of suspense. ★★★★★ Fast-Paced Christian Thriller. Two intriguing storylines converge in the end . . . I read late into the night, and after I went to sleep, I had a nightmare about being kidnapped like Pamela. I woke up and had to finish the book before I went back to sleep. ★★★★★ This is an excellent and gripping Christian Fiction thriller that will keep you glued to the pages until the very end. Or, if you are like me, it will keep you up all night because you can’t walk away from it. The story line is enticing and action packed. ★★★★★ Highly Recommend. This was a great read! I enjoy clean suspense. The plot was well laid out. The Christian themes were strong. This book is a ministry, and it was nice to see such a strong statement of faith presented in a story that was full of real life hurt, pain, and imperfection. ★★★★★ Creston Mapes has a new series called “The Crittendon Files” that promises to be his best writing yet . . . We aren’t supposed to make a personal connection and actually feel empathy with the bad guy in a book, right? But Granger is, in my opinion, one of the best written antagonists I have ever read. And the final paragraph in this book really hit home for me. I mean…it was a jaw dropping wow moment that I haven’t had since Ted Dekker’s “Heaven” series . . . If you only buy one book this year, make sure you buy this one . . . It’s that good.

Meet Creston Mapes

Creston Mapes grew up in northeast Ohio, where he has fond memories of living with his family of five in the upstairs’ portion of his dad’s early American furniture store – The Weathervane Shop. Creston was not a good student, but the one natural talent he possessed was writing. He set type by hand and cranked out his own neighborhood newspaper as a kid, then went on to graduate with a degree in journalism from Bowling Green State University. Creston was a newspaper reporter and photographer in Ohio and Florida, then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, for a job as a creative copywriter. Creston served for a stint as a creative director, but quickly learned he was not cut out for management. He went out on his own as a freelance writer in 1991 and, over the next 30 years, did work for Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, The Weather Channel, Oracle, ABC-TV, TNT Sports, colleges and universities, ad agencies and more. He’s ghost-written more than ten non-fiction books. Along the way, Creston has written 11 contemporary thrillers, achieved Amazon Bestseller status multiple times, and had one of his novels (Nobody) optioned as a major motion picture. Creston married his fourth grade sweetheart, Patty, and they have four amazing kids who range from 22 to 32 years old. Creston loves his part-time job as an usher at local venues were he gets to see all the latest-greatest concerts and sporting events. He enjoys reading, fishing, thrifting, time with his family, and dates with his wife. Keep informed of special deals, giveaways, new releases, and exclusive updates from Creston: crestonmapes.com/contact For Creston’s eBooks, audio books, and paperbacks: amazon.com/author/crestonmapes SIGNS OF LIFE SERIES Signs of Life Let My Daughter Go I Pick You Charm Artist Son & Shield THE CRITTENDON FILES Fear Has a Name Poison Town Sky Zone STAND ALONE THRILLERS Nobody ROCK STAR CHRONICLES Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol Full Tilt