Messy Wheels: Stories From Where I Sit

Born with spina bifida (a neurological birth defect that causes paralysis and other medical anomalies) and written off by doctors who recommended her parents allow her to succumb to infection and die, Amy I. King continues to defy the odds creating a rewarding, independent life as a contributing member of society. Messy Wheels: Stories From Where I Sit is King’s account of a life fully lived complete with setbacks and triumphs. King, a wheelchair user, gives the reader a bird’s eye view of the realities of what’s possible for someone living with physical challenges. King takes us along on the journey through her childhood, early life on crutches, the breakup of her family, formal education, international travel, the realities of dating and falling in love, living with depression and anxiety, the transition from crutches to wheelchair, life as an educator, her adventures as a solo traveler and so much more. She brings you along for her journey of healing both physical and emotional trauma to find true happiness. It’s the author’s heart’s desire that the reader’s greatest takeaway is that absolutely anything is possible with will and determination.

Meet Amy King

Amy I. King is a life coach, teacher, and international best selling contributing author in nine compilations, including Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness, Manifestations: True Stories of Bringing the Imagined into Reality, 365 Days of Self-Love, and The Grateful Soul: The Art and Practice of Gratitude, among others. She taught in public education for a decade before returning to school for her coaching certification.