One is Evil (A Bobby Greco Thriller Book 1)

A wealthy and influential woman whose life is about to be torn apart has only one hope – a disgraced homicide cop. Bobby Greco, set up by dirty cops and thrown off the Orlando force, takes a job investigating insurance fraud. His involvement in a high profile case means no one around him is safe – not even his ex-wife and kids. Bobby uncovers a secret that threatens someone at the top of the American political system, and as they scramble to protect the country from the fallout, the real endgame becomes clear. Dangerous military technology is at risk of getting into the wrong hands.From the halls of power in Washington DC to the frozen wastelands of Siberia, the chase is on – and the clock is ticking. This is Book One in the Bobby Greco thriller series, stay tuned for more wild adventures in Bobby’s life.

Meet Jeff Buick

Jeff Buick writes fast moving fiction across numerous genres, including mystery, suspense, thrillers and crime. For Jeff, it’s all about the story. Nothing works without a great story relentlessly driving the action ahead. A tight plot with well-crafted characters means a psychological thriller geared for readers who love an adventure. Creating the characters who populate his books is second only to the plot line, and there’s no better place to find those characters than in the real world. Writing is in Jeff’s blood, and over the last twenty years he’s written twenty-three books. A few years ago Jeff put out five books through a NY publisher, but the industry has changed and he’s now Indie publishing on Amazon. 2021 has been an incredible year, with “A Killing Game”, the first installment of the Curtis Westcott Crime Series, winning the award for International Thriller Writers Best Original Ebook category. The rest of the year is looking promising as well, with three new books set to be released, all with stories that will engage, enlighten and entertain the reader. Jeff lives in Calgary, Alberta which is wonderful in the summer, not so much in the winter