Feeling the Love of God (Messages of Love and Peace)

Start your day feeling loved, joyful and full of hope. This book has a set of messages full of joy, love, peace and comfort. It makes you remember who God is and that He is always with you. These inspiring messages help have more faith, peace, knowing that God is always present. They remind you of God’s love for you and give you hope in everyday life and difficult times. They are meant to be read daily or at moments in life that are needed, consult them when you feel necessary. You will feel joyful, full of faith and feeling the presence of God and His love in your life. It is a book to remind you that God is close and speaks to you in your heart. The messages are as is He were speaking to you, whispering words of love, of faith and reminding you that you are not alone. It consists of messages in the topics: 1. God is with you 2. Concerns 3. Making Decisions 4. See Your Greatness This book also includes a bonus meditation to help you quiet your mind and prepare for praying. They are perfect to read in the morning and start your day feeling loved, joyful and full of hope. This book is to help, guide, and remind you whose children we are and that God is always with us. I recommend reading the messages many times, meditating on them and thinking that God is with you always. Get inspired daily, remembering that you are a child of God and that He is always with you. Feeling God’s Love, it’s part of the series Messages of Love and Peace. This book is for you, to help you, guide you, and remind you whose son you are and that God is always with you. In life it is important to keep God in mind, seek his guidance and listen to what he has to say to us. In this book there are short messages of love that you can read daily depending on how you feel. They are words of encouragement, wisdom, guidance, love… This is one of 3 books where you will find messages full of joy, love, peace and comfort. They will help you remember who God is. God’s love is embodied in this and many other publications that he has guided me to do.

Meet Carolina Duarte

Carolina Duarte. A God believer who decided to changed her life and career completely to follow God’s calling and become a writer and serve the world by helping others get closer to God and live happier and more fulfilled lives. In January of 2020, Carolina decided to follow her calling and start writing the book once God asked her to do, Messages of Love and Peace. She started writing and didn’t stop for 7 months, that’s when her first books were created, the following months courses and workshops were created. God’s guidance and constant inspiration, gives her more and more to write about. Words from the author: Follow your heart, it will take you places you never even dream of. After a few years, today, I openly say, God is my only guide, and on many occasions, I feel that I am only a typist who transfers a message to paper. Some will doubt what I say, others will believe it, only God knows the absolute truth. I do not judge anyone for believing or not believing, I had a hard time accepting it myself and saying who is dictating and guiding my writing. Today, I say it without fear of being judged, because my work is for God and to serve Him, I no longer fear the judgments of the world. Carolina Duarte . A part of the proceeds of ALL the books, journals, courses and workshops go to charity and to provide free books and free courses to those who cannot afford them. Thank you for your support. Connect with Carolina online! Website: MessagesofLoveandPeace.com Instagram: instagram.com/messagesofloveandpeace