An Amish Country Calamity; Christian Romance (An Amish Country Yule Goat Calamity Book 2)

A dangerous winter. Deadly peril. Will Annie snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy? As Annie struggles to save her failing business, her life spirals towards disaster. Growing up means she can’t stay “one of the boys.” And even if she could, none of her friends like playing second fiddle to a flock of ill-tempered goats. But when a hard winter puts the goats, and Annie herself, in deadly peril, can she snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy? An Amish Country Calamity is an edge of your seat Amish book filled with good values, great humor and a whole goat-load of fun. If you’re looking for a unique Amish read guaranteed to to leave you feeling uplifted, grab this book today! START READING THIS EXCITING AMISH BOOK NOW!

Meet Ruth Price

As a lifelong Pennsylvanian, I’ve (Ruth Price) had a unique opportunity to meet Amish folks in my everyday life. It’s a delight to get to know a culture and people who may have a different way of living but share a common love of God and a common belief in the goodness of other human beings. I try to channel this higher good through my fiction, and while I can’t say I always reach that ideal, I hope my stories inspire and entertain.