Celtic Spirit A Wee Journey to the Heart of it All

Charming, inspiring, insightful and informational story of fictional characters visiting present day Ireland. Travelers gather at the Shannon airport to begin a tour of ancient sites of Ireland. Timothy, their very Irish bus driver, calls their intended visit a trip to the very heart of the Celtic spirit-to thin places, as the Irish would say. The guides offer morning spiritual connection, days of touring, and evenings with pub sing-alongs, dances, and storytelling. Each is drawn to a different aspect of Celtic spirituality and each experiences the powerful energies of the land. A Canadian couple comes for the Celtic music; a woman from Boston comes to honor the Irish saints; another comes to connect with her childhood love of fairies. A young widower brings his teenage son in hopes of healing. A retiring professor seeks inspiration for the next phase of her life. A busy mom seeks quality time with her teenage daughter and another with her adolescent son. Few anticipate the degree of transformation they will experience. Join them in learning about Ireland, these thin places, Celtic spirituality, and the emergence of the Divine Feminine as their stories unfold with healing and romance.

Meet Jeanne Crane

Sharing Celtic Spirituality and Celtic Wisdom through writing blogs and books what I love to do. I also enjoy sharing Celtic teachings through speaking engagements including festivals and book clubs. My first trip to Ireland was as a teenager. I immediately felt a deep connection to my Celtic roots. But it was on a much later trip that I was introduced to the ancient sites, the dolmens, stone circles and beehive structures that have captivated me. These thin places stir me beyond any cathedral, temple or sacred site I have ever visited. Each trip I take to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall or the Isle of Mann deeps my connection to the mystery and wonder of our amazing Universe.