Diamonds Aren’t For Everyone (Triplets: Three Aren’t One Book 2)

Would he help a damsel in distress? Even if she was only sixteen? Finding out she was adopted was a surprise. Discovering she was one of three triplets even more so. She’d sort that later. First, she had to find a way to stop her domineering nanny from blackmailing her billionaire parents. Would the intriguing young man she’d met at her birthday party help or hinder her in finding the mystery person Nanny’s stashed note mentioned? The second book in Triplets: Three Aren’t One series by USA Today Bestselling Author Dani Haviland.

Meet Dani Haviland

Enjoy a wide variety of spunky adventures sprinkled with romance and intrigue, peppered with sarcasm and irony, a delectable blend to savor, day or night, weekday or holiday. From historical to contemporary, mysteries and thrillers to rom-com and women’s fiction, with or without time travel, USA TODAY Bestselling Author Dani Haviland’s vibrant characters will grab – and keep – your attention. Mayflower descendent Dani Haviland has bounced from New Haven, Connecticut to the Valley of the Sun in Arizona, to the Knik Arm of Alaska, and wound up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, soaking up life along the way, processing her wide variety of experiences into works of fantasy and romance, packaging them as singles, series, and box sets with other authors via Chill Out! Books, the company she established as a vehicle to share the many works with readers around the world. Kick back and enjoy the diversity! Sign up for her newsletter ( and follow her on Amazon (click below author photo) to make sure you never miss a new release.