Wisdom Unsung: Historic Proof that Women are the World’s Best Leaders

| April 4, 2014


Wisdom Unsung: Historic Proof that Women are the World's Best Leaders (History's Lady Leaders)

The Feminine Mistake

Writer/historian Sara Bartlett, in this series of three books, tackles the fear or dangerous disinterest that women have of fighting for leadership positions in their lives. In the first book, she proves that history is full of women leaders going all the way back to cave women days on up to the 15th century.

She shows, through humor and historical accounts, how women and girls from all walks of life stepped up to become significant leaders in many, many ways despite really harrowing circumstances. No one in today’s corporate world is asking a woman on her way up to cut off one of her breasts like the ancient Amazons. No one is forced to suffer the bone fracturing rack like preacher Anne Askew had to do. Today’s woman does not have to fear being burned as a witch for her beliefs. If they can survive that, why is 50 percent of the population so afraid?

Some reasons for this fear are valid. Some are not, and Bartlett is a cheerleader for facing those fears and coming forward anyway. She breaks down how leadership is defined through seven pillars of what we should be looking for in a successful leader, and none of them involves holding a title of any kind.

She rings the alarm bells for the disappearance of women in decisions of world peace, as opposed to the stampeding military industrial complex, in education as opposed to No Child Left Behind, and in politics where personal decisions about their bodies are still determined by men.

The second book tells of the valiant women of the 19th century, particularly the Civil War, that created unlikely women heroes on the battlefield, in medicine, in politics, and so much more. The third book brings us to the 20th and 21st centuries with a plea to recognize the brilliant women leaders of all ages.


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